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Taurus, Explorer, Probe, Cougar & late USA made Fords

Our Phone # is 02 42571230

Please note..While we sell out of the remainingly hundreds of service parts we stock/stocked..if possible we wil continue to offer the part on a 2-3 week supply ex our weekly service air loadings out of various USA locations.    Tech Help.. best with Ford Motor Company who made them or web  clubs...Absolutely no tech or how to fix something type help will be supplied or suggested  due to people wrecking a good natured helpfull attitude to liability outcomes.. as much as we WANT too help.......  You may get free help & advice from the Ford Motor Company, a Ford Forum where nobody is identified & hence nobody liable.. or similiar service or a service manual.

    Thank you to the repeat customers..

What do we do? Via this site we are trying to build up a good service parts range of bits you will commonly need to keep your US designed Ford on the road safely and economically. Particularly the Fords sold here NEW by Ford since around 1996. Vehicles like Cougars, Taurus, Explorer, Probe, late Mustang, etc.

PAYMENT: Fastest...Credit Card, Paypal, direct bank..   or postal COD but that is slow and expensive...


Capped Delivery within Australia  of $16.50 on all non-bulky
orders Nation Wide when paid on line via this site *

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Wiper Blade: Ford Cougar (ea)
These are the correct all seasons wiper blade assembly fo
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