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Sea Container V's Air Shipping

Sea Frieght...  To be honest we don't do much of it as our airfreight cost/speed V's volume exceeds sea freight inconvenience & ongoing delays nobody wants to wait 3-6 months in reality for a switch or fender or hood. With over 9,500 different parts in low volumne a market that neeeds specialist help and a chance to have parts affordable.. here NOW.....There is NO need to.  "Sea Container" shipments are for irregular special order parts imported by sea. IE 10-16 weeks can be the lead order times

Sea freight is not always at all viable for many restoration needs so rethink the way  you need parts. You have found a good supplier that has been going for 30 years +. we don't care to be cheap with everything ever and not be able to back you up two years from now or afford to fix problems or spend the deposit you give an importer and then get nothing, and will as long a good health prevails. If you don't care about backup & being able to talk with a human if needed.... go buy on ebay etc... We'll continue to try to do the right thing, day in day out.

We actually employ our own staff in CA to handle OUR pickups and consolidations. It's a way we can keep massive AIRFREIGHT LOADINGS coming through in  muliples, ever couple of weeks at least & with best use of space & weight. In this time of EXTREME transportation cost increases, high US$ costs of fuel and exchange rate variables we shield many restorers from the worst of this day in day out. WAY above the benefits of a better $ exchange rate, its the stage we are in our organising that helps YOU. 

We don't rip people off. Don't lie to you or play stupid games.
We ask the same from our suppliers and our customers.

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