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Many parts you'll see here are Licensed to many different manufacturers or produced in different countries using different methods and qualities need in a specialized small market globally realistically.  You can now buy more quality parts for older cars then you could have  20 years ago, in ways well away from needing human contact anymore.  

 Behind the scenes day in day out -  nothing replaces Long Term Knowledge, experience and base enthusiasm. 

   Unfortunately many big companies have lost track of their own heritage over time and look for sales and sales and sales.. rather then just providing a good product and fostering the future with a solid reference to its past.    Luckily GM does commit to the future with its backing of the restoration industry, as does Ford & Chrysler.

But  we're small enough to be personal & try but we never pretend to have every answer and we don't just wake up everyday trying to be cheaper for everything or ram sales graphes down the throats of staff..  it does not work ..better to be honest and steady.  

   In finding good parts.. we also find crook parts.. but we stand behind parts we supply t.. they may be very legite in general.. but practice what we preach is a  long term goal. ..... AND we don't lie to you.

Nor do we work from a garden shed etc, or disappear with your money - that's NOT us.



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