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Free Freight Conditions

Key Details: Delivery is covered when ordered and paid on line for most orders OVER A$150 for supply within Australia to a street address..  Bulky parts like fenders, frames, fuel tanks, roofs etc. are NOT free.. and quoted at time of order, and subject to your approval.   Some heavier NT and WA regional remote locations have a surcharge.

Why..???  call up deffinately if you need to.. giving away free delivery does cost us but you help yourself too doing some of the leg work.. We TRY to encourage customers who have the time to make best use of the Net for shopping or shopping around.. and rather then the endless calls to us to price everything... tying up phone lines and key skilled staff when you can afford them in this country.... or find them to be honest with 50 years of parts knowledge in their heads....or ordering any of the parts listed on our sites.  So for Australian Delivered pre-paid orders only, valued at $150 (excluding GST) or more in non-bulky or heavy truck freight goods paid on line the delivery is free.

FREE SHIPPING does not apply to overly heavy or bulky items or to some regions of Rural Australia, like remote farms and mine sites or regions not varstly populated. You'll be notified of the shipping cost before the order is processed. If in an area likely to be effected contact us before ordering.

This saves YOU money and saves us time in researching pricing on the phone in a hurry all day and prevents minimally experienced staff from giving you wrong answers, and that is a big problem HERE and in the USA. 50 years of Long Term Knowledge is not easy to learn.

EVERYBODY'S TIME IS LIMITED these days. Ordering from us is Fast. You can trawl the net and search world wide and hope parts turn up sometime undamaged & mostly it will, as stated, sometimes if you try hard enough you may save some money, without any REAL viable warranty. Other times NOT, and certainly have no viable comeback after product is received from many sellers oveseas without complications like having to return defective parts first at your cost and maybe still never getting a result or just having emails & phone calls ignored.

So as much as we can we keep prices moderate and just understand it or not, better then the end result most people can find.and you have some local backup and contact.

Not all people need to buy now many are just shopping around, which is fine, but our time (my time) is limited and I will go out of our way if need be to help help genuine customers. Free freight is just another way of helping to keep it simple.

The STORE computer system and the net are permanently linked.  NOT LINKED. We reserve the right to screw up and make changes with your knowledge first, with so many price & product changes happening over a year.

If you have the time to place an order via the net WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO BENEFIT, USE THIS SITE FIRST.

In Summary, MOST DELIVERIES are free within Australia valued at valued at $150 or more when PREPAID BY CREDIT CARD on non-bulky OR heavy orders. NOT free when paid by Australia post COD, not free when rung through. Just completed orders via the net here.

OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA. You save by the pricing and we pack simply and securely. NOT OVER PACKED TO HELL like so many supply lines that you pay huge undue amounts for delivery, or have a cheap enough price but stab you on the delivery etc.

As many of you would know, and few really want to talk about, sometimes a part might appear cheaper to start with in the USA, but by the time its on your doorstep with legal tax's and freight charges its blown out to hell and if its wrong or damaged.

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