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Important Courier Info

When receiving / deliveries freight from a Courier.
      As a rule always for larger products and parts, regardless of if its parts from or the USA or somebody else....check the consignment is in good order. NEVER just sign for something without a least looking at the condition of the external consignment. Consider then to only sign for large goods delivered by courier AFTER YOU HAVE INSPECTED THEM your insurance cancel's with your signature is out if they try to hurry you up,.... too bad, as the insurance STOPS when you sign for something.

    If something is damaged we can't step in and replace it.  Some may suggest you write "subject to inspection" but thats up to you.

If Damaged, refuse the consignment and get the drivers name & details of the consignment number. OR. if not really a problem accept it and write PARTS DAMAGED with your signature. 

For really big consignments write "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION"

This goes for OTHER people signing on your behalf also. .....IE: family or workmates. Keep this in mind as a general rule as freight companies DO damage stuff and they will run a mile to deny a claim.

  Courier companys take ages to accept claims... they stuff around for months and truely  attempt to tire you out .. from out experence...

   You can't trust Australia Post either.. They are too big and don't care unfortunately.

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