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GM Restoration Parts


Many parts you'll see here are Licensed to PW Distribution LLC, a Nevada based company,  by General Motors (U.S.A) under the  "GM Restoration Parts"  program.

PW Distribution LLC is a specialized parts business behind PoniWorld Australia.  PW Distribution LLC manufacture and export parts from & supply inside.. the USA, a lot, and increasing our range daily. Parts are sold in the US by PW Distribution LLC -  a Nevada based company -  to mainly selected specialized resellers.
 GM Restoration Parts

 Behind the scenes day in day out - we're linked live online with three major US based warehouse access's assisted in real time by specialized programming based around US GM dealer networks.

But nothing replaces Long Term Knowledge, experience and base enthusiasm. Even when phone time demanded can get on top of you, if you know what I mean.

We're small enough to be personal & try but we never pretend to have every answer and we don't just wake up everyday trying to be cheaper for everything.. it does not always work, nor do we ask you to pay ahead - if  your honest and a known customer we will work with you and just get  stuff moving within the need for deposits etc.. be careful  of suppliers who need constant money up front.. they may be very legite but can also be a sign of problems..... AND we don't lie to you.

Nor do we work from a garden shed etc, or disappear with your money - that's NOT us.

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