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Taxes & Charges

Costs quoted are in A$ Australian Dollars.

FOR AUSTRALIAN DELIVERIES -  GST IS ADDED AT CHECKOUT, just like if you lived and brought in California or Britain you would be taxed  as this is world serving web site... a "WWW" a WORLD WIDE SERVICING WEB SITE,  can't see from where your searching from.. India, NZ, USA, why have prices to suit just YOUR country... its doest not happen unless your really a local only business.  We are NOT a Australia only business as people who know us absolutely ..understand.   If you don't live in Australia, there is no Australian GST added..., however you may pay your countries import tax's at your countries entry point.

The same as what happens in every other country. Everything else is clear. Any Import Duties & clearance, importing charges paid, finished, guaranteed with local speed, consumer help and protection via a business since 1988.

All list prices are in Australian dollars. Purchases for delivery within Australia attract (I.E. ADD) 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST). Orders for delivery outside of Australia (ie NZ or UK etc) are subject to your own government taxes if applicable and that includes New Zealand.

Also note that despite what politicians like to spin us, just because something comes from America now, it does not mean everything is Duty Free. Only product MADE in the USA and Demonstrated via Computer generated invoicing has benefited from the US-Australian free trade agreement. Behind the scenes there is still Import Duty on Non US goods coming from the USA.

Fuel tank sender Unit: 85-92 Camaro & Firebird (non-genuine)
     Brand new Fuel tank sender unit..
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