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Warehouse Hours

Warehouse Phone Hours
Normal Trading  hours: 8:45 am till 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Except state & federal holidays. Internet hours via email for personal one on one is till10pm more weekday and some weekends. 

As of June 2014.. very restricted open phone access is now provided due to the impossible to man national HELP line or tech line we have turned into rather then being a supplier of good parts.  Our customer phone # is 02 42571230.. lines open from 9am to 2pm M-Friday.


Please Note:   It is best to  email tech help requests as possible.. some days we have scores of research requests and its deffinately NOT instant help.. but not forgotten either.

People depend on us to GET PARTS TOO THEM, YOUR ORDERS, not to sit and advise them how to fix things. Not sit on the phone chatting about paint colours while somebody needs something like a water pump urgently.    Every body is important to us and we hope to be to you, just sensibly. Sometimes priority service is needed and we want to be able to help. It could be you, or your wife. We need the time to help you. But like you we can't afford to employ highly experienced people to sit on the phone at a $2000 or more a week for free brain sucking sessions.   That's blunt but realistic. We try to blend the two but often people do take A LOT of advantage of free stuff. IE: Why look up a firing order or a phone number  or a wiring schematic when somebody else will do it for a phone call, and thats what happens- multiplied 100 fold..! 

Getting parts out quickly, correctly, well packed,
well priced is our job and what you want to hear.

Most of our courier's lob mid afternoon so this gives us a daily stress crunch / stress  time around 1.30 - 3:00pm. Forget eating. Get the stuff out, on time. That's were we are at.

Our warehouse is staffed till at least 4.30pm each day and OFTEN well past 9:00 pm, and emails returned till midnight, 5 days a week and a lot on the weekends. So more then probably any other very specialised parts service with real people that know cars and not just order takers. We're able to help and via email on the weekends too. So if you have lists or help questions unrelated to an order please email.

SATURDAY:  Open by arrangement, just  email and if available we'll help out and be there when you say you will also. This will help those distant or for various pickups or where you need more time when we can often spend during busier weekdays etc. Just ask if you need to, its fine., or ring 0412 858 677 out of hours for possible help.

EMAIL: The other side to our contact is this and it goes on from around 7:00 am till often midnight probably more then any service in Australia. Pretty much 18 hrs a day. Cut us a bit of slack on the weekends and the centre of daytime business hours. Use the contact us link at the top of this page.

Our online stores are open 24/7  - 365 days a year. - -

Fax: (02) 4257 8042 -  

Our customer phone # is 02 42571230.. lines open from 9am to 2pm M-Friday.


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