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Hood: Camaro Cowl Induction 67-69 (2nd Qualilty)  [3949708 2nd]


    $590.00 $484.00


Hood: Camaro Cowl Induction 67-69 (2nd Qualilty)

   There is several pressings (2017) of the 67- 69 Camaro Cowl Induction Hood..  the full metal 2" Cowl Induction hood for 1st generation Camaro's.

    This is the older  tooling.. seems quite good.. but there is a better one out now.. sharper etc.. but this will suit many people.


   If you want an Cowl Induction hood that is a good price - this is for you... KEEP IN MIND you pay for  what you get.  

    The Quality is less then the better pressed unit.... .. I would not put this on my $100,000 show trailer queen car.... but its ok for good street and off road use.    We do not want them back once supplied.

    Stock & Delivery: They can be picked up ex stock warehouse in Wollongong NSW OR wood box it at additional cost in preparation for customers arranged freight pickup.

Delivery.. Please note  .. while we will pack and repack, the roof skins.. (hoods also) large flat type panels need to transported by the customers own means now..   ie arrangements are the customers requirement now as we have given up on trying to be responsible for low costs in the bogan filled rough handling and don't give a rats transport corporations in Australia.. hampered by overworked employees who are too often treated like 2nd rate people by their own boss's.. so why would many have time to care.. and the damage goes is SO SO matter what we do .. our YOU do ..  its a closed transport industry with little real alternatives.

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