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Chevrolet - Toyota Cavalier Parts: 96-2002 era


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Chevrolet - Toyota Cavalier Parts: 96-2002 era

   Chevy Cavaliers... these are not widely known but an agreement between US GM & Toyota saw this US Designed Chevy made RHD in Japan.. and more then a few have made there way to Australia.. They are great medium small cars as shown (was PW's owners car) .. you just need to service it with the right parts... which are no problem for us.. we do stock various service parts for them.. these are the average 1996-2001 series..   usually found as TOYOTA Cavalier..  imported in small volume by various importing companies.. in the late 90's / early 2000's...  If you want to get rid of the Toyota stuff on it ..we can help there too...

      We can back these cars up with a your main everyday service parts ex  stock and a HUGE amount of service parts on request.. with weekly imported airfreight loadings.. consolidated form 17 warehouse locations on the Western side of the USA.. we do this EACH WEEK.. .. pretty much as long as we have the order in and accepted by Tuesday night..we normally - (subject to freight delays) will have the goods here 6-8 days later including US sorting time and Australian legal entry and clearance times.

     Ring though if you have specifc needs on these cars.. most here are 2.4lt DOHC versions.. good cars.

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