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Cadillac Parts support .. later series particularly


 Price:  $51.54


Cadillac Parts support .. later series particularly

Cadillac owners have there own choices of support from overseas or a few local resources.  

We have IN REAL TIME.. Live access to thousands of  parts  & costings & the ability to electronically move parts into our immediate next loadings in the USA with normal eta of then 6-10 days delivery...... .. Plus.. in our warehouse in Wollongong is the GM.. EPI.. Programming the same as US GM Dealers have to allow us to break down & illustrate the various '82 & up GM Cadillac model range.. ....model by model. No body else has that in Australia & we use this to advantage OUR customers.

    Increasingly over the last decade or so we have been involved in many choices Cadillac repairers have need when it came to parts... particularly the Service Industry trying to Keep the LIMO OPERATORS on the road. We  do not seek it or advise for it but if you need quiet professional help.. just ask.  We have supplied from simple stock parts like brake pads and rotors to complete smash repair parts ordered delivered normally in 8-12 days from time of confirmed order... helping to ..and TRYING .. too..keep the operators doing what they do best.


 Owners of later series Cadillac's ..  we can support you with:

  • Service parts,
  • Brakes,
  • Cooling,
  • A lot of electrical,
  • Shocks,
  • Air conditioning,  etc  .. just ask..... off the shelf in half the cases..


  While anybody can get stuff out of the USA.. by the time it's here.. if there is a savings to be made.. privately it may not be great if any.. at other times if it's wrong or faulty you deal with it. While we do not wake up each day trying to be cheap & work on avoiding legal taxes etc.. we have been going long enough for you to have a pretty reasonable degree of confidence in .. if we choose to help you & are able... and if you choose to run with us... we can only try.

    Think logically.. with weekly consolidated airfreight loadings..  from 17 warehouse locations on the Western side of the USA & a few specialty outlets were we are also dealer involved in.... .. we have our own employee in LA to make sure it happens.... EACH WEEK.. .. pretty much as long as we have the order in and accepted by Tuesday night..we normally will have the goods here 6-8 days later including US sorting time and Australian legal entry and clearance times.

     Ring though (02 4257-1230) if you have specific needs on these cars..   Late model owners of Limos etc.. or professional cars.. let us know your situation - VIN (Vehicle identificion Numbers) are wanted for later vehicles.



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