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Oldsmobile Cutlass: 64-77 era


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Oldsmobile Cutlass: 64-77 era

We can back these cars up with a HUGE amount of service parts.... while we are not into listing separately all the years of Cutlass parts ... OUR CURRENT STOCKS.. & we  will NOT have every year of every Cutlass part ever made immediately always available...we'll normally immediately get you out of trouble without paying though the nose ex stock..:
  • Suspension - front & Rear & steering (in stock)
  • Body mounts and Energy Suspension kits (in stock)
  • Brakes, rotors,drums, booster and disc kits (in stock)
  • Shocks & coil springs (in stock)
  • Weatherseals (in stock)
  • Engine Service parts (in stock)
  • Fuel Pumps, tanks, senders and related (in stock)
  • Cooling related like hoses, thermostates, water necks, radiator caps and ..radiators (in stock)
  • Electrical  - like alternators, sockets, wiper motors, pumps etc.
  • Panels and trim kit etc are brought in on specfic request. (in stock)

   With weekly imported airfreight loadings.. consolidated from 17 warehouse locations on the Western side of the USA & a few specialty outlets we are dealer involved in.... we do these loadings in a mass AIR consolidated loadings each week.. we have our own employee in LA to make sure it happens.... you do not wait for months for containers... we do this EACH WEEK.. .. pretty much as long as we have the order in and accepted by Tuesday night..we normally will have the goods here 6-8 days later including US sorting time and Australian legal entry and clearance times.

     Ring though if you have specific needs on these cars..

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