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Engine Paint: Pontiac 66-70 Available NOW (1.2lt approx)  [PW16122]


 Price:  $138.84


SPECIFIC 1966-70 PONTIAC V8 Metalic Blue Engine Paint.


Its  the correct ENGINE paint for 1966-70 Pontiac engines.

After cleaning.. the block to a professional standard or as suited by you..(legal speak..). can be diluted for spraying - or brush painted on see can for  details.

The Paint is just for engines.. made by absolute leading US resto paint supplier Eastwoods..  

Combined.. the cans should give you roughly 1.2ltrs of paint.

IT IS A  high quality  a two part specific engine paint, mix as much or as little as you like.. spray on or brush on.

Here is a youtube video on them if you want to watch their marketing blurb.

Supply on paints... This is a long running story but its been near impossible to legally import Pontiac Engine paint into Australia in smaller batches like 50 or less cans for too long.. . or paint in general unless your a multinational or specialist flamable importer etc.

This is not your average spray paint quick dry stuff. .it's meant to dry tack free in 6-12 hrs   Check for supply updates on going.


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