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Engine Paint: Pontiac 64-65 - Spray cans or 1/2ltr can.  [POR15LPB]


 Price:  $82.32


This is a long running story but its been near impossible to legally import Pontiac Engine paint for too long.. but we have at the moment TWO solutions for this early colour need for Pontiac restorers.

Spray cans of the correct 64-65 Light Pontiac Blue engine enamel .. or the Por15 harder stuff below.

POR15.. the US specialty paint products maker.. is the US supplier...Its widely used as a paint on after the block is as normal.. extremely clean OR.. can be diluted 1part  thinner to 4 part paint for spraying.

This is not your average spray paint quick dry stuff. .it's meant to dry tack free in 6-12 hrs and hardens like a rock in 4-7 days.. 

  This is better then we have ever had.. and currently we have the 64-65 Pontiac Blue in stock. in 1/2 ltr cans (473 mil to be precise).  One can is generally enough to do one engine well.


   Cans or the Spray can - your call.

   On the shelf again NOW.

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