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Help: Emblem fitment


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Help: Emblem fitment

Help:.. when setting emblems that have pins and self cutting nuts.. for the first time.. be gentle and pre-fasten the speed nut to the diecast posts on the bench..."GENTLY".. .. dont over tighten or do it with a rattle gun.. you will snap the pins. Use a bit of oil or white grease on the pins too start it off with.

     Avoid doing it up the first time straight onto a panel etc.. twisting and over heating the stem.. usually results in a few unpleasant words being shouted...

     Same goes for most any diecast or molding retainer .

     If you don't have the right size speed nut.. and want a variety pack .. we have a few different usefull kits listed under "Speed Nut"..  just type that into the SEARCH box on the top RHS of any page so see them.

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