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1.. in the beginning.. The Muscle Car Lives®


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1.. in the beginning.. The Muscle Car Lives®

The Muscle Car Lives® Vintage lifestyle products

Dec 10, 2017 .. approx 15 listed of expected 75 or more to create.

The "Muscle Car" era had  its routes in American Automotive designs dating back to the late 50's & while it peaked in the mid 60's to late 70's... it never has really stopped.  Many regard these cars were artforms in themselves.. and something that distracts us still in a good way.  

  To witness the wider effect .. you only have to see the public's admiration for the standout & everyday Muscle Cars.. the young bloke who wants one in a model.. and dreams of driving.....older lady who "notices" the sharpe design of the car.. wants to have her picture taken next to it.. the kids in the district respect it.. as do most people.

  ..."remember when".....   a happier time perhaps.. less politics .. less politically correct crap &  pressure. Just visual & mechancial joy. This is what "The Muscle Car Lives®" Vintage Artwork try's to capture too.

   In the months & years ahead.. we hope to  produce further collectable Automotive Heritage & Lifestyle lines of vintage collectable artwork on bar mats, mugs, jackets & mouse pads etc... from the heart stuff ..stuff for mens sheds, trophy cabinets and bars, a jacket you wear most everyday.

Look out for the MUSCLE CAR LIVES Jackets out now too.. easy to wear everywhere.

   We will start with the bar mats & work on.. it's a huge undertaking.. currently estimating around 46,000 mats alone on the production time scales... a one every couple of weeks....every image is hand created... each is different &  is individual.


All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. "The Muscle Car Lives" is a registered trademark of PW Distribution LLC USA. All images copyriight to PW Distribution LLC & may not be copied or reimaged without permission. 

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