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1976-78 Custom Trans Am "Special Edition" Striping  [7678STP-Cust]


 Price:  $520.00


1976-78 Custom Trans Am \"Special Edition\" Striping

If your Trans Am is needing the very neat individual stripping to compliment the various paint colours and the Special Edition GOLD this is it.

Its a big roll affair as shown...lots of specific bits.

Not cheap but there is also a stickon  roll kit available too in several colours.

THIS is specifically the 76-78  Gold Kit.


This is the Preformed pin stripe kit.. rather then a roll..its pre-set. precut.. . .all in individual pieces as per factory.  Per the U.S. manufacturers description .."These stripes are exact reproductions; pre-formed, molded and contoured to the body panels for a perfect fit. When GM offered all  pieces in their independent boxes you essentially wound up  carrying a wheel barrel full of boxes out of the dealership."

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