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Rear hatch track Slides (4) 85-91  [AUS988kit]


 Price:  $34.58


Rear hatch track Slides (4) 85-91

IN STOCK..Produced by PontiWorld Australia & sold world wide...including the USA.

These are perfect - GM Does not make them.. WE DO .. they are excellent.. made by INJECTION MOULDING.. not a slab etc....

These are inside the rear hatch mechanical slide unit. GM does NOT make them, we do as you can't buy them.

  • They will NOT fit 91-92 modesl

    Four are in a pack & four are used in all, replace them all at the same time....although normally not all are completely stuffed, but you probably do not want to have to do the job again later.


    This comes with a small amount of correct grease & a new lock ring.

    Also... consider the hatch drive gear also in this listing section, get some white lithium grease if possible from Repco or like parts place.

    Carefully check your hatch motor clear plastic housing also for more damage especially around the stress points like the hold down screw threads.

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