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Corvette caliper oring upgrade kit: 65-82 Rear  [PW16636]


 Price:  $240.00


Corvette caliper oring upgrade kit: 65-82 Rear

This is a new upgrade kit for the standard rear leaking often minimally used Corvette caliper.

This is a better value.. improved sealing caliper kit for the basically pretty crook Corvette caliper design that is often just maintainance hungry, especially when then cars are not used much etc.

Manufactuer details as such..You can convert your stainless steel sleeved Corvette calipers into the new and improved o-ring style calipers.

Proven to last longer and perform better with this conversion kit than the factory style lip seals, this kit gives you everything, but the labor and fluid. No more weeping seals due to long periods in storage, but when in action, the o-ring provides a tight seal for maxium pressure and sure stops. Kit includes specially designed pistons, piston o-ring seals, outer boot seals and caliper half passage seals.

NOTE:This kit is for ONE rear end.. two  calipers. Should be used with stainless sleeved calipers.  Includes Pistons, O-Ring Seals, Dust Covers & Half-Seals

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