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      Every so often people buy a POWER STEERING PUMP or box.. then have failure issue "power steering pumps faulty" comes the claim.. Well.. YES it is NOW...but could that have been prevented...? 

   .. all these parts while never fail safe 101%.. are factory pretested to work under pressure.. ..they come wrapped . PS fluid residue's often in the bags its come in .... because they have been tested.

   CLEAN OUT ALL THE FLUID AND CRAP first before installing a new pump or box .. flush it.. like you would a radiator.. don't kill off good parts by cutting corners.  You can install inline filters too if  you wish to prolong the life of hydraulics like these parts.

   Early GM PS control valve and cylinders as found in 58-82 Corvettes and 58-64 Full Size Impala & Belair, Parisiennes, Laurentian need the same help.

  • If installing on a car that has been sitting, it is advisable to install a filter inline before valve, or change the pump as well.
  •  An old pump will push dirt and debris straight into this new valve potentially causing failure and voiding warranty.
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