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T-Top Set: "American" or "Texas". late 70's (rare)  [UsedTTSetAme]


 Price:  $400.00


T-Top Set: \"American\" or \"Texas\". late 70\'s (rare)

Call for availability. Export from Australia is possible but email for details first.

This is a set of RARE used t-tops as shown.. often mistaken as Hurst tops.. but they are not.. and they were fitted to Camaro & Firebird TA as a dealer Aftermarket set around 77-79 era.

Two handles per top.. 

Has importantly "PPG" watermark on the glass.. NOT HURST. NOT C&C.. 

Has a stainless steel frame surrounding it as shown.

These are used.. on a scale of 1- 10 they might be around a 7. Not broken, cracked or delaminating.. the stainless is in ok condition.  Good street t-tops if you have this type.

If you have this type and ever loose one.. you will not be happy.. they are not easy to find.

This is sold as a SET. . at this price you would have to fly to the USA and bring it back in as hand luggage to beat it. and then get it for nothing.. (should do that at least plan it.. nice trip especially around August when there is a lot of car events on.. .. anyway.. enough..back to the blurb..)


Delivery is additional or pickup if your close by.




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