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T-Top: 77-81F C&C (Illustration only)  [C&C Top]


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T-Top: 77-81F C&C (Illustration only)

This is Description Help ONLY...

  • Very specific T-Tops, This should help you ID them.
  • Each top has ONE handle.
  • The latch cover is plastic and square shaped
  • The latches that hold the top to the car are chrome & flat
  • Each Top has NOT edging on the glass...
  • Each top has two chrome pivot plates that locate into the centre track of the T-Top Roof Frame.

    THIS IS WHAT A C&C T-Top looks like from the inside.


  • LOF or PPG Tempered glass, one center pull handle with hinged brackets. Exposed glass edge on 3 sides. Black or chrome rail at door glass side.

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