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Sunvisor Bracket: 67-69 (ea) - COUPE  [PW12382]


 Price:  $41.14


Sunvisor Bracket: 67-69 (ea) - COUPE

The sunvisor's on all 67-69 Model Coupes pivot on one of these on Each side...they are the same on each side...

Get some new bushes while  your at it here.. they will need them normally.. read on.....

CAUTION.. these are VERY easy to snap if you do up the shaft bolt too much.. they are pot cast iron.. with  very little give - as original so be carefull.

   This reproduction of the original is well made exactly if not better then the original..

  • Excellent chrome and comes with the shaft bolt (just don't over tighten it & make sure you fit sleeves to the sunvisor pin before putting it into the bracket hole and tightening it.

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