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Fuel Pump: Pontiac 400 V8 - 77-79 (Long Tank)  [PW41382]


 Price:  $86.63


Fuel Pump: Pontiac 400 V8 - 77-79 (Long Tank)

Pontiac V8 400 Fuel Pump for 1977-79 Firebirds and T/As with 4 bbl carby.

  • Pontiac Fuel pump is located on the LHS front SIDE of the block.
  • ???? How to ID if you have a 403 Olds or Pontiac 301/ 350/ 400/ 455 or Chevy V8 engine.. simple..easy to remember too....

    • Pontiac & Olds.. both have the starter motor is on the LHS.. 
    • Fuel pump for the OLDS 403 is on the RHS (US passenger side) for all 403 Olds engines...
    • Fuel pump on the Pontiac V8.. is on the LHS.. then its a Pontiac engine ok....!  Pontiac Starters are on the LHS also
    • Chevy's .. have BOTH the starter AND Fuel pump on the ..RHS. the USA Passenger side.

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