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Wiper Pump: 64-83 various (Choose GM or Repro)  [GM22071780/r]


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Wiper Pump: 64-83 various (Choose GM or Repro)

You Have a Choice.. GM genuine or good quality reproduction... we have no issues with the repro .. supplied bucket loads of them.... they do not have any "GM" markings on them.  If your needing one for a points score resto.. choose the GM particularly.. otherwise the repro is good to go...



These are  brand new  pumps, in the carton... untouched etc.etc.. they mount to the wiper motor and are for cars WITH pulse action wipers, ie: the washer pumps some water and the wipers sweep generally twice...

  • This is a  widely used part.. simple to fit but make sure the cam & wiper switch arm inside the housing are properly engaging.. seated well before power up otherwise you'll hear a lot of clunking and the pump will be destroyed.

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