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Wiper Motor: 68-76 - NON Concealed Wipers  [PW11207]


 Price:  $232.24


Wiper Motor: 68-76 - NON Concealed  Wipers

This is a wiper motor for the:

  • 1968-69 Firebird, Camaro
  • 1968-72 Chevelle with Non-Hidden wipers..
  • 1970 to 76 Camaro in some instances ONLY.. but that's another story...

         The motor body part of the WM that goes through the firewall is OVAL SHAPED.. not round......but oval..

          This re-manufactured USA serviced rebuilt specifically for NON-Concealed wiper arms.

  • Warranty of six months extends to replacement of same unit only upon return to us

    No Refund on wipers only exchange for another (due to tampering of our units to make good others then returning us a dud.. Sorry but it has happened..!) Do NOT pull the wiper motor apart if it seems not to operate.. talk to us.. Read up on problem solving with wiper motors in the tech section on the front page if having problems.

  • MAKE 100% SURE.. you have an EARTH ON YOUR WIPER MOTOR BEFORE GIVING UP .. as 50% of wiper motor problems relate to a bad earth....!
  • NOTE: An additional $50 deposit now charged on these motors by the USA supplier.. & we simply pass it thru and refund it upon the return of a suitable rebuilder of the same type for return to the USA. We understand that they are just getting rarer & rarer.. You have 4 weeks to return old unit or just pay the deposit and carry on from there.

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