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Distributor Module: 82-86 7 pin (GM not Junk!)  [PW11033]


 Price:  $128.63


Distributor Module: 82-86 7 pin (GM not Junk!)

   This 7 pin Distributor Module is located at the bottom of the distributor plate and controls amoug other things a flow of current thrrough the distributor.
  • Common situation when it breaks.. THE CAR STOPS.. and will not start again.. it will turn over and over till you have a flat battery.. but dispite the fact you'll have plenty of fuel.. its just like a Kill Switch.. and you will be towed home.. .. ,
  • If touring or just because you care, have a spare carried in the console or somewhere.. more important then a radiator hose or fan belt etc..
  • AC DELCO ELECTRICAL PARTS ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST and MOST RELIABLE WE HAVE EVER COME ACROSS.. if you need to skimp somewhere.. skimp on something else... ...otherwise you will end up doing this twice...

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