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Lock Key: Ignition 86+ VATS system Igition  [ChipKey88on]


 Price:  $39.20


Lock Key: Ignition 86+  VATS system Igition

    From around '86 in Corvetes & '89 in GM F bodies & other GM US Cars..... GM introduced the Vehicle Anti-Theft system (VATS).

Its main visual difference is the chip in the key as seen.

    There's a series of 15 different keys with different values in each of the 15 keys available.

  • IF your lucky.. you may find you can get a ohm meter and read the resistance level coming by grounding the chip (see the values below & give or take +/- 10%).

        If you can.. then do this.. order your key here with the ohm reading being relayed to us on the exit "CUSTOMER INSTRUCTION SECTION" of this sites checkout form. We will not be held responsible for incorrect readings.. doing it this way is not the best way.... if your reading is out.. & you get the key cut and it does not start.. its useless.

    ALTERNATIVELY & preferrably.. .. you can send via registered mail the key to us & we will decode it using a correct decoder - and return the original and the replacement to you normally next day.

  • MAKE SURE IF YOUR SENDING YOUR KEY IN.. DO IT WITH AT LEAST REGISTERED post or a courier, Package the key.. . IF you loose it your in deep trouble.  Here are the Key Values.. if you want to go that way:

    Key# Value (Ohms)

    1 = 392

    2 = 523

    3 = 681

    4 = 887

    5 = 1130

    6 = 1470

    7 = 1870

    8 = 2370

    9 = 3010

    10 = 3740

    11 = 4750

    12 = 6040

    13 = 7500

    14 = 9530

    15 = 11800

  • HOW TO overrider the vats system if all else fails. here is a video

  • Click  here

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