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Starter Motor: Pontiac V8 64-79 & Olds 403 (GM)  [PW12576]


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 Price:  $237.30


Starter Motor: Pontiac V8 64-79  & Olds 403 (GM)

New Remanufacturered GM / AC Delco Starter Motor for the Olds 403 and the Pontiac V8 range like 326, 250, 389, 400 Pontiac, 421, 428, & 455.... .. Any that are mounted to the LHS of the block... ie...US Drivers side.


Option: tick if you have a 403 Olds.. ie.. starter is on the LHS.. Fuel pump is on the RHS..

or tick if  you have a Pontiac V8.. ie starter is on the LHS & so is the fuel pump.

We have both and will give you the right one.

Note.. Pontiac V8 & Olds V8 Starters may also need shims.. check alignment of your flexplate as these have instances of snaping heads if not properly aligned. The manufacturers don't say this as its left to the fitter to know. .but just how many shims and thickness will depend on the accuracy of the fitter & there experience. In Australia.. the Masters Hardware store group has automotive Shims in the nuts and bolts isle..check their pullout draws.. (they are a bit hidden.. lots of good stuff there)

Again.. this is a AC Delco as new remanufactured complete unit with solinoid.


???? How to ID if you have a 403 Olds or Pontiac 301/ 350/ 400/ 455 or Chevy V8 engine.. simple..easy to remember too....

  • Pontiac & Olds.. both have the starter motor is on the LHS.. 
  • Fuel pump for the OLDS 403 is on the RHS (US passenger side) for all 403 Olds engines...
  • Fuel pump on the Pontiac V8.. is on the LHS.. then its a Pontiac engine ok....!  Pontiac Starters are on the LHS also
  • Chevy's .. have BOTH the starter AND Fuel pump on the ..RHS. the USA Passenger side.

DELIVERY.. Due to dead weight. delivey is addional on starters..from $11 to around $55 for Darwin & regional WA.

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