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Speedo Cable: 69-86 With Cruise Control - UPPER  [PW10545]


 Price:  $57.70


Speedo Cable: 69-86 With Cruise Control - UPPER

This is  approx 40/41 inch UPPER cable & casing.. only....normally used for cars with a cruise control transducer....

This cable goes from the speedo head to the TRANSDUCER for cruise control equipped cars......usually located on the LHS inner fender someplace.. if its still working.. or still in place.. follow your cable from the speedo out to it.

This cable has a screw thread female at one end and a push in for the speedo end .. as shown below.

A transducer for the GM type vehicles looks like this below. so your cable FROM the gearbox and back FROM the Speedo.. goes to this .. transfers THROUGH this speed regulating "Transducer."

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