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Starter Motor: Gear Reduction - 92-97 Corvette  [PW10458]


 Price:  $529.29


Starter Motor: Gear Reduction - 92-97 Corvette

This is a new GM original gear reduction starter as standard for the special 92-97 Corvette only.

These are NOT a Indian or Chinese copy.. they are Genuine GM orignal in the box new..

They cost MORE then this retail in the USA... try the part # yourself.. see for yourself the saving on this part is enormus... they are over US$300 retail from GM to start with..... especially as its here.. done .. and your know the quality standard.

Freight Additional: Due to Dead Weight of starters costing more sometimes to deliver in Australia then they are now worth (ie NT & Far WA) delivery is additional and will be dispatched on there own so not to damage other cargo etc..  Delivery could be $11 to $55 pro-rata from Wollongong NSW.

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