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Wheel Bearing: Rear "Worn Axle Bearing" 12 bolt  [PW13437]


 Price:  $61.78


Wheel Bearing: Rear \"Worn Axle Bearing\" 12 bolt

    This is what's used when you have normal wear in the rear axle caused by the normal positioned bearing wearing on the standard track area.. NOTHING COMPLICATED...

This will fit various 12 bolt GM rear ends, try and be sure this is what you need.

Bearing size: 

OD 65 mm or 2.25 inches.

Axle OD should be pretty much 40mm dia. 

   This USA engineered...tried & proven bearing is for these GM type rear axles .. its a bearing that rather then seat on the original worn track of the original bearing.. it seats on an unmarked track NEXT to the old wearing mark.. giving you twice the life of your axle.

It also replaces and incorporates the original oil seal too.

This is for what's known mainly as the "12 bolt" rear end.. USED FROM THE mid 60's up to the later 70's......meaning your "inspection plate" that is seen from the rear of the car has 12 bolts holding it onto the diff housing.


Keep in mind too there is a '10 bolt warn axle repair bearing too.. which is smaller.... ok.. !... the axle dia on the 10 bolts is around 35mm.

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