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Door Seals 70-81 Camaro & Firebird  [LM22B]


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QUALITY ..??::

 Price:  $130.67


Door Seals 70-81 Camaro & Firebird

   Quality weather seals are made by VERY few companies.. some are made in the USA.. some not.

Order the  Premium set.. simple as that.. 1 c dearer then the generic seals.

   For reasons of better feel.. bettering sealing.. we suggest the USA Made METRO seals.   They also don't have the non-compressible ends that make the doors nearly impossible to close as some do.

    We (Ponti-World Australia) .. in late 2011 became the only FACTORY METRO WHOLE DISTRIBUTOR.. in the Australia.. hence the price.  Since then.. slowly we have been able to import a continually growing range of Metro Seals range .. and DROP pretty much to the price Metro USA advertises in the USA... here with an extemely good product.

 Supplied as a LH & RH Seal SET.

     Go Check their pricing and the range.. .. remember the parts are bloody excellent too...

    Now.. we also have a brand X.. something you might find on ebay .. for 1 c less... if you want them till they are sold out.. But NO warranty.. no exchange.. no whinging.. nothing. 

     We give you a choice but these are the considered the  best after market door seals made & 100% as far as a product quality is concerned, you can physically see the differences - they are the closest to the originals currently made. Be aware too.. when refitting doors and panels.. to fit them WITH the seals.. get the door fit right with the seals in place where possible.


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