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T-Top Seal LHS: C&C - 77-81F - SOLD OUT NO MORE  [PW11759]


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T-Top Seal LHS: C&C - 77-81F - SOLD OUT NO MORE

SOLD OUT  Early 2015 - NO MORE.

Very specific T-Tops, This should help you ID them.

  • Each top has ONE handle.
  • The handle trigger a chromed lever that pins upward onto the body at each end.

This fits the GM Firebird Camaro TA with the C&C big glass tops.. with ONE Chrome center handle in a plastic square trim panel on each top.

 This LHS is the ony one left.. you could buy a set of normal Roof Rail seals and cut and splice the RHS from another LHS.. but thats it.

  • UPDATE.. if your been putting this off.. then its pretty much too late.. the RHS main seal has finished.. and their aint no more...!

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