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Disc Brake Pads: Front '69 - 81 (GM Delco) (Semi Metallic)  [PW10081]


 Price:  $68.52


Disc Brake Pads: Front \'69 - 81 (GM Delco) (Semi Metallic)

These are GM AC Delco Genuine front Disc Pads... the pads that Normal use requires.. unless competative racing or doing REALLY hard work on your brake system these are excellent disc pads.

Normal requirements for 1969-81 model use these pads... for GM front disc brakes...

  • Standard to Semi-metalic rated grading... USA produced front disc pads for the original single piston caliper.
  • As these suit all USA GM Single piston calipers.. if you car has single pistons it may very well be these.
  • "Fors for Ceremic Pads.."

     * They're quieter than semi-metallic pads
     * They create less dust, keeping your wheels cleaner, wear the disc rotor more.
     * They last longer than semi-metallics
      Against...for Ceremic Pads.
    * They're not recommended for racing or heavy-duty towing
  • * They're generally more expensive than comparable metallic pads
    * They don't work as well as Metallics in cold or ice.. or shorter trips.
    * They generally cause more wear to brake rotors than metallics
  • These typically fit:

  • 69-73 GTO/Le Mans
  • 69-81 Firebird & Trans Am
  • 69-81 Camaro
  • All the 72-80 GM Big Car series
  • Chevelles, Skylark.
  • Caddy late 70's
  • 69-77 Buick Skylark and Electra
  • Delivery is covered for combined orders over $150 within Australia when paid and ordered online.

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