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Radiator Support Panel Mount Set: 72-81F (GM)  [PW10205]


 Price:  $107.74


Radiator Support Panel Mount Set: 72-81F (GM)

Consider .. if your only replacing the radiator to frame mounts.. and not the under body mounts.. then our advice is .. and nothing to do with price.. is to strongly consider getting THIS SET.. as the height is correct for radiator support lift as per factory. The aftermarket body to chassis kits are smaller.. which is ok if doing the entire body and rad mounts at one time.. but NOT is just doing the rad mounts as the panel alignment will be down hill if using the aftermarket radiator support mounts only.

   These are GM originals.

   These are the specific radiator support panel mount kits for 72-81 Firebird, TA & Camaro.....its a GM mount kit made up of 4 GM Rubbers and sleeved plates as shown.

   (Those looking for a new 72-82 Firebird TA radiator support panel.. please be VERY VERY carefull of a bundle of bad Chinese produced ones released in 2011.. most  every US reseller has dropped them like a hot potatoe....)

   Also check the Energy Suspension listings.. under for wholesale access to various products.

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