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Radiator: Fiero 4 cyl & V6  [PW11092]


 Price:  $389.00


Radiator: Fiero 4 cyl & V6

This is a Factory duplicate alloy 4cyl or V6 Fiero Radiator.

These Auto or Manual radiators have the original plastic side tanks attached ready to run..... just add coolant.

Pontiac no longer exists.. and GM no longer makes or supplies a factory radiator to original so these are correctly  reproducted radiators with all the corrrect fittings and size etc to drop straight in and "drive away...".

Picture is correct.

Warranty is 6 months from date of sale. Make sure .. you use a ALLOY  V6 radiator compatible coolant or the tap water will eat the alloy and you will be onto us wanting a warranty etc.. so don't stuff up.. no matter where you buy it.

(We will  maintain this part in the future for normal Fiero owners service needs)

Delivery is additional and from $22 east coast capitals to about $66 to Perth.. 

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