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Disc Brake UPGRADE KIT: 82-92 F (GM KIT)  [PW11549]


 Price:  $825.15


Disc Brake UPGRADE KIT: 82-92 F (GM KIT)

   This is a US GM Slotted and drilled disc upgrade kit for 1982-92 Firebird & Trans Am & Camaro with GM Standard front disc brakes.

   The kit is be best parts GM makes for a Performance Upgrade  without altering calipers or spindles.

   Each rotor is the Cross Drilled and slotted type.. directional and you get both.

   Each set of front pads are Ceramic GM Delco Brake Pads... and you get the front set for both sides.

   The Front kit gets.. new wheel bearings and seals for each side.. to replace your probable 20-25 odd years of use.

    Front Caliper seal kits are provided for the simple job of rekitting both side front calipers..   

    Front Caliper hardware kit with spring, bushing and pin seals.

     You get....

  • One performance LH directional Front slotted Rotor
  • One performance RH directional front slotted Rotor
  • One set of semi-metalic front disc pads (one front end set)
  • Two front caliper overhaul seal kits
  • Two sets of Inner and Outer front wheel bearings
  • Front Wheel bearing seals.... 
  • Hardware kits for both calipers


  •  Delivery is not included on disc rotors due to dead weight and heavy protected packaging.. .. but is sensible.. approx $16 (one) to $44 pr nationwide .... Keeps it all simple...

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