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G8 Pontiac / Holden Special Edition KITS  [G8 Kit]


 Price:  $949.69


G8 Pontiac / Holden Special Edition KITS

    With the release of the Pontiac G8 in the guise of the 2009/2010 Limited Edition Holden Commodore SS Specials... the historic nature of this vehicle will be known either immediately or in years to come.. as the Last Pontiac... & infact we have brought one of the utes/ST's to stick in the cupboard just for history sake... who know's.. one day the legend will rise and be recognised as one of Australia's greatest cars.. as they certainly are widely regarded.. as "perhaps the best Pontiac Ever Sold"(Jim Wangers 2010)...

    If your into it.. we can supply a premium range of parts for those wanting to get rid of the Holden badges & ID and change it to what it really was.

     G8 Pontiac Kits  as a kit  with the parts listed below. Individual parts are available individually shortly.  IF your into this changeover.. best purchase value is the kit.. simple as that.

     Price includes delivery Australia wide.

    This will do both the Sedan, rarer wagon and of course the Last Pontiac.. the G8 Sports Truck or "ST" as it was displayed in Chicago and New York and Sema.... to be known.

    I think these are bound to be collectors cars in the future.. how far in the future or if only for our grand kids to enjoy.. who knows.. who cares....but for once in our recent lives in Australia..... something has come along and if your fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.. maybe you can grab one.


You Get:


  • "PONTIAC" for the rear RHS (GM)
  • "G8" for the Rear RHS (GM)
  • The Correct Pontiac Arrowhead logo for the center of the front grille (GM)
  • The Correct Pontiac Arrowhead logo for the center of the Tailgate, boot lid or rear hatch (GM)
  • Full set of medium Gray Pontiac carpet Floor mats... front and rear (ute owner can put the rears in behind their seats) (GM)
  • "ST"  for the LHS of the Ute Tailgates  (As shown)
  • "G8" Key Ring
  • G8 Coffee mug.
  • Carpet edge "G8" Sill plates.. front and rear (4)
  • 4 x complete "Pontiac V" wheel center hub caps and emblems (GM)
  • Tax Invoice covering GST (good if you can claim it back etc)
  • Delivery Australia Wide.
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