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Whats happening in weatherseals...?  [Metro]


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Whats happening in weatherseals...?

 USA made "METRO"  weather seals are currently by & large the best aftermarket USA made seals going. / Ponti-World is the only Full Wholesale Buyer/ Supplier IN Australia of these Made In Amerian ....seals.

 For GM Vehicles, Ford Vehicle, Chrysler and really the full range of US made collector vehicles... Metro has a lot of the seals that restorers need...

Check the Metro web site for your own investigation... (you'll be back) which is in US$...  at

then check the price here.. .. or often pay a lot more and get them sent from the USA...bit of a no brainer... and it helps everybody here get THE BEST Seals MADE IN AMERICA..

Simply.....our supply to YOU price is around the same price in numeral listed price on the USA pushed Metro company price list.. but here....... so good seals..... well priced.. majority all USA made.. infact seemly every major seal is.. and we'll screen whats not.. . not everything can be that way for all sorts of reasons..but it helps to balance things out.


You can also purchase the seals and other small groups of  parts from our U.S. based company .. but  in reality  the freight will cost and delays kill off the savings  ..making it all now pointless.... but.. if you pay for it to come from the whatever the postage is insured, trackable, wait a few weeks..  .. and maybe don't pay GST... but again.. whats the point.)

(no GST for international orders - all prices shown exclude GST so NZ & other countries this is what you pay..but you pay your own countries import duties, Vat or GST etc..)


    Ponti-World Australia - the only Full Warehouse Distributor Metro Rubber supplier in Australia .. and we're going to make it work for everybody.

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