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Sway Bar "D MOUNTS" & Brackets - SET Polyurathane  [Sway Bar D m]


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Sway Bar \"D MOUNTS\" & Brackets - SET Polyurathane

     This is the best move.. USA Made Energy Suspension Polyurethane. mounts & brackets...  the most sensible way to go when upgrading or replacing the front sway bar mounts..and at the right price.... you replace them with these  new brackets &  go with these greasible bushes...  that are supplied in complete matching pairs.

Choose the size you need.

These are GREASiBLE "D MOUNTS & BRACKET ASSEMBLIES.... - often cheaper then just the GM bushes alone..."

Most 64-70 era cars used from 5/8th to 1 inch, then early 70's moved along to 1 1/4", early and mid 80's they took as step back to 1 1/8 going  to 1 5/16".

Most 70-74 Firebird  Camaro are 1 1/8 inch (95112)

Most 72-81 Trans Ams & Camaro Z28's are 1 1/4 inch (95113)

Most 82-88 Standard Firebirds & Camaro are 1 1/8 inch &  to 1 1/4inch

Most 82-88 Trans Ams & Camaro Z28's are  1 1/4inch

Most 93-2000 F bodies are 1 1/8 inch &  to 1  5/16" inch

NOTE.. the 93 -02 Series  do NOT come with bracket structure.. just bushes and grease pack.. as Shown Below.....reuse your brackets.. the bushes are made to exact GM profile for straight swaping over using your factory brackets.

Most 87-92 GTA's  & Camaro Iroc's are 1 5/16 inch

Most '68-82 Corvette are 9/16" front,

  • Measure yours if you do not know the thickness of the bar.


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