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Bargain Bin: T-Tops.. used.. 75-88 era (ea)  [Ttops]


 Price:  $196.00


Bargain Bin: T-Tops.. used.. 75-88 era (ea)

Till we can thin these out a bit.. we'll offer a bundle of these .. any of them out for $150 each plus the gst .. Freight additional or pickup.

We have t-tops for:

Hurst  series as in later 70's F body..

C & C.. (as shown in the forground) for 77-79 Firebird Camaro (LHS only available)

C&C  mid 80's..

GM Fisher for 78-81 Firebird / Camaro

GM Fisher Early to mid 80's Firebird Camaro

ALSO.. Texas Sunroof..quiet rare .. but  found in various 75-78 era.. these were a slightly larger copy of a Hurst T-Top.

All are used.. some have marks on their alloy or .. just life use.. none are brand new or perfect /perfect etc.. good for spares of  mild restoration etc..   Priced just to get rid of some.. .

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