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A Speed Nut 10 Pack (Choose Size)  [Speednut10pa]


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 Price:  $3.50


Sizes of speed nuts do matter when fastening down onto the shaft.. if the nut is too small - your likely to cut into the (mostly) die cast stud too deep.. and weaken the shaft.. often snaping it.... so just be aware of too much resistance may mean you need a wider stud  size speed nut.

   Here is a choice of 6 main difference speed nuts..   the Stud sizes are 1/8" inch, 3/16" & 5/16".  Two of them have a washer seal built onto the contact surface to support additional sealing.

If this is all your needing.. and don't care about the time it takes to get to you.. post will be about $5 nation wide in Australia or you can get them from bloody china for about US$2 with postage etc and tracking..  thanks to our USELESS RIP OFF Australian postal service so don't blame us.. .. or $13 express post.. adjusted when we send it out.

Choose the ones you want.. or repeat the purchase to get   multiples of the 10 packs.

This is for .. you will get...  10 of the same size per pack - (please do not call and ask us to measure the id and od & depth than want one.. which has happened.. )

You can get 10 of any of these if you want..

10 of 3401  1/8 stud x 5/16 hex

10 of 2896  3/16 stud x 3/8 hex

10 of 3404  3/16 x 3/8 hex

10 of 2557  10x24  x 3/8 hex

10 of 2895  1/8 stud x 5/16 hex

10 of 2897   1/4 stud x 7/16 hex

10 of 2558   10-24 x 3/8 hex

10 of 2562   1/4 stud x 7/16 hex

10 of 3405   1/4 stud x 7/16 hex

10 of 2555   8-32 x 11/32 hex

10 of 2554   6-32 x 5/16 hex

10 of 10733  5/16 stud x 1/2 hex

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