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Leaf Spring Front Bracket Mount Kit: 67-81F rear  [Pw13804]


 Price:  $35.56


This is for the FRONT.... of the REAR leaf springs.. it holds the head of the leaf spring BRACKET onto the body.

Often the C clip is rusted out or a PITA to salvage...

This is the KIT of 6 bolts and 6 nuts.

      Over the years there has been some cheaper versions of this C clip about.. and also people trying to put incorrectly threaded bolts into them.. DON'T DO THAT. Keep up to date with product and you will not get the older style clips.  

Photos below shows the weight what we supply when compared to an original era clip on the LHS (top picture). The cheaper ones are 0.010 kg each and they are best used on body panel construction rather then suspension /driveline etc.

Original Style /design/quality .. runs 0.015 kg per clip.. as shown here with a CIP orignal GM clip which are expensive compared to todays better quality remake. Note Size is correct, weight is right.. thread extension is correct .. and in this case we supply again the right bolts.   Do it once and do it correctly.

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