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T-TOP TECH HELP .. ID your Top

There are 5 types of tops used on mid 70's to 81 Firebird Trans Am & Camaro .. ..

  • Hurst 1 & 2
  • GM Fisher
  • Cars & Concepts
  • American Sunroof Corporation.


The most common and arguable the best made are the GM to

GM Fisher T-Tops ..used from 76-to 81.. seen below .. they have ONE handle per top.. have a PIN rod seuring latch and have metal surrounds around the glass. THey come in about 4 diffenent shades of glass from dark tint to GOLD to Silver. They have a rounded plastic trim panel covering the lever inside.

The next is probably .. a toss up between Hurst 2 and the Dealer Fitted Cars & Concepts.

C&C are the largest top..easy to recognise.. the Glass Meets in roof center...  have no trim around the glass.. have turn out inner securing ties..have ONE handle per top.. and the latch in pin type.. the latch plastic cover inside is very squared.   These have a water mark lass logo on the Rear outer on each top .. a small square with "C&C" letters, the tops typically had a 2 inch metal outer flat glass edge.. normally black. and aftermarket kit... dealer fitted type of thing.

Hurst 2.. & Hurst 1.:  They both are smaller tops.. have metal surrounds.. have Two handles per top.. and a plasiic square pin lock pin coming out on the outer sides.  Both have "HH" logo on the glass's .. which stood for Hurst Hatch... on the outer rear sides. Importantly they are 17.5 inches deep.  The first design used the weatherseal to hold up the headliner.. the 2nd used a plastic U shapped trim molding.. Used mainly from 76-78.

The American sunroof.. an aftermarket kit... dealer fitted type of thing... far far less common.. was a near copy of the Hurst.. but 2.5 inches deeper.. @ 19 & 3/4"   ..... meaning door to door across the car.  They also had metal frames and two handles per top.


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