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(This catagory is ongoing as we start to find various parts buried away over the the years.. they may be listed here. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how we look at it......there are hundreds of NOS parts in stock - some interesting .. some boring...!)


Intro: Since 1988 we have been supplying U.S. GM Parts.. in that time much has changed..the internet has changed the world.. cancer is often now likely to be cured.. hopefully for more people.. greenies have hijacked our political system.. China is roaring & undercutting western manutacturing where viable. Cars have changed SO Much...and the way parts providers can source has too. but so much comes from the limited resources of knowing alot about ..what your doing.  From the times of me doing the US wrecking yard parts hunting trips... usually solo.. day in day out going though as many as 60 major self service yards, your own tools.. a tolley cart. dirty.. sometimes not safe.. but those days..the yards  would often contain maybe 1,000 cars refreshed each month.. lots of 50's to 70's stuff.....and do that trip 3 or 4 times a year on a tight timetable inside two-3 weeks each  trip.. briinging back parts that you could not find..(hasn't it got so much easier now....)... LONG before the internet.... in the times of needing to call home from a payphone every few days ..usualy from a gas station or food joint .. sleeping in dive motels to keep costs down.. but that was the way.

   Looking back .. it was good bloody hard work in the end.. on the road for weeks.. living rough ...dirty, hot or cold.. wet, muddy, windy, and at times and places ..dangerous... locals not always a kin to fair dealing with a lone working stranger who has a  hard to understand accent in some be your own navigator, container packer &  medic,  crawl about in and under cars.. happy to see the arse end of  black widow spider & learning quickly about filth &   the message a fresh snake skin broadcasts.  But ..  have also so many memories of finding really usual cars in US yards.. one day I'll put the pictures upon line......It was nothing in the late 80's to go into most any major self service wrecking yard - pay a buck to get in  and find 5-10 1st gen Camar's or Firebirds in various fresh wrecking stages. Time moved on & while we wouldn't have changed a thing.. its one of the real ways you had to get a broad parts & dismantling education if you were to stay in this specialised parts field.      What changed the viability for doing the wrecking yard trips out of interest in the end......was the rapid movement to eco yards crusing cars for minimum bounties .. and the demise of available wrecks of valve that were being restored here.

   Back then GM had so much stock...massively larger inventories USA nationwide then today. Not everything was could buy stuff 40 years old....and gradually we did.. have done ever since.

   Today as well as runing & massively stocking  (aka Ponti-World) NSW.  we quietly own & operate a growing U.S. company in Nevada and have joined many good older suppliers in making good parts.  Parts that from experience and gut feeling..we figure need to be done & if we can we will...... but not everybody wants repro .. even if it's at many times better or more consistant in production then then the remaining GM bits could be.   Who wants to pay $900 for a 1969 Camaro Alternator in Australia / New Zealand.. or $3000 for a 82-84 New Genuine Trans Am Bonnett...  the customer base here is relistically very limited.. but as we clear our stocks over time.. we are going to start listing specific NOS parts here.. before moving them to the US for sale. Giving locals a better chance and better pricing then once again in the USA.

   Not a big list.. but growing as we come across the warehouse inventory.

   Hope it helps somebody here.



  The Caddy Below.. was actually found in a Michigan Wrecking yard.. .. pulled and years later restored.. ... This one is particularly interesting..  (Loved to have been a wrecking yard owner in Michigan in the 50-70's.....!!)

The Link to this story is here.. too..

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1 x 1966 GTO at the drags Bar Mat
1 x Console Lid: 70-81 Fbd / 73-81 Camaro (BLACK)
1 x Console Shift Plate: 85-92 Firebird TA (NOS - GM)
1 x 1968 Plymouth Road Runner Bar Mat - COMING SOON
1 x 82-92 Camaro/Firebird TA - Door Glass OUTER seal (GM NOS)
1 x 1968 Firebird 400 Bar Mat
1 x Dimmer Switch: 78-81 Firebird Camaro TA (NOS) - SOLD OUT
1 x Emblem: 77-79 Corvette - Fender Corvette Cross flags (ea)
1 x Emblem: Center Cap Gold Bird wings (ea) -GM NOS
1 x Emblem: "rallysport" 69 Camaro fender (GM NOS) each
1 x 70-73 Camaro Standard Front Park Lenses (GM NOS) PAIR
1 x 1969 Camaro Bar Mat
1 x Exhaust Hanger & Insulator: 82-97 Camaro & Firebird TA (NOS)
1 x 1964-73 GTO "The GreaT One"
1 x 1976 Firebird TA Bar Mat
1 x Vent Fender Trans Am 70-81 Pr Used
1 x 1972 Firebird bar mat
1 x 1965 GTO at the Great One Diner Bar Mat
1 x 1968 GTO at the service center: Bar Mat
1 x Washer Pump: Universal kit
1 x Clip Gear Knob clip: Late 60's to Mid 80's GM
1 x Hood Release Cable: 77-81 Firebird TA
1 x 1964 GTO: Bar Mat
1 x Spark Plug Lead Set: 403 Olds (GM) 78-79 Trans Am
1 x Electric Window Motor: 58-82 GM NOS NEW (LHS)
1 x 1977 Firebird TA Bar Mat..deep in NYC
1 x 1967 Firebird at Malibu Beach Bar Mat
1 x Emblem: FIERO GT - NOS GM NEW
1 x Air Cleaner Assembly: 70-73 Trans Am HO
1 x Power Steering Pulley: GM various Twin Grove
1 x Ashtray: 91-2002 Console insert - GM NOS
1 x 1.. in the beginning.. The Muscle Car LivesĀ®
1 x Emblem: 82 Corvette - Fuel Door (GM NOS)

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