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Destroying Parts  [Z28Destroy]


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Destroying Parts

    You hear about parts not being made well.. and in close to 27 years now supplying US parts in Australia & New Zealand..we now about dud parts.. .. vetting many parts that come in from going out to locals..  In about 2008 we turned to manufacturing  with GM USA approval.after getting sick of paying for certain NOS parts. ... but while peope bitch & whinge about prices.. of low volume reproductions is more of a problem relistically....  quality is needed over price. .every restorers goal.. and should be for every manufacturers goal too - which it is  with us..especially when you like what you do.. and driven by passion & experience - rather then its 'a job"......

   In the image here we are destroying  about 800  1978 Camaro Z28 front emblems.. they were just not as good as I wanted..... mind you they were SO much better then anything used available.. outside of a US$250 or so NOS one.. and were bloody hard to find.. but when you held them up looking at the emblem from 6-8 inches away.. you can see little defects.. the housings had rough edges from the injection moulding.. so..  a bucket load of money was spent again . this time around trusting only people we know well to make each single part & going over each part sample in a sometimes paranoid way..  and then oversee it 100%. each step.. takes longer.. costs more..but we are happy with them.. wrapped actually...&  people are happy mostly without knowing anything behind the scenes...but a perfect part is available again.. for about 20 % of an NOS.  Its also what quality should mean when the GM Restoration Parts logo is used.

    This is what it looks like to destroy otherwise perfectly usefull parts...

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