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About Us

For over 30 years, we have been supplying American car parts and restoration services as Ponti-World Australia.  Our name comes from the region south of Sydney known for its Pontiac Potatoes strangely enough. But over time, locally breaking a bit of new ground in the supply of US GM parts mainly for post 1958 cars. We use the internet to reach more people, update faster, reply to more people faster & cheaper (than paper catalogues) & still work the phone lines 5-6 hrs a day intensely before turning off the lines to try and research or get extensive P&A's back to people in a hurry, as everybody is nowdays.

We started in our Blue Mountains homes  spare bedroom back in 1988, quickly moving to take over a large garage, turned a garden shed into an office, then onto renting an old very small bakery building in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. The Greenie infested council (Blue Mountains Council) seemed to hate us.. not that we were a wrecker etc.. just probably we dealt with US gasoline larger not trendy.. but they suck anyway.   So we loaded up the truck and moved the Illawarra region just south of Wollongong. All the while leaving Australia and family to search U.S. wrecking yards 3 or 4 times a year intensely. Time flys. The kids grew up before time, and then our 4th & largest warehouse in potato farming country of Albion Park Rail will be our last with over 9,500 different parts in stock.

   The net gives you more up to date pricng ability and info daily for your convenience 24/7. The net "works" but its a MASSIVE time consumer to create. MASSIVE, and it's a long term, never finished work in progress. US GM Service Parts. Some people say "just employ somebody to do it.." If you find somebody who knows 50 years of GM & US cars extensively.. experienced, knows how to build a website and is passionate about these parts - we would love to know. Until then, we prefer in the end to stay controll.

We still keep this in local control as a local family business, keep answering the phone like any older time store could and helping people. If you ring wanting help (02 4257 1230 from 9am to 2pm M - F ) please be patient at times as there's two revolving parts phone lines but are increasing jammed. Its a problem for us and we will not just have anybody answer it and do damage etc.. so please if you can order via the web, go for it, if you need to talk -call.

You'll be helped ASAP, but in this type of specialised business; extremely experienced counter/phone guys who know more then just a few years or a model or two are in super critical short supply and we've given up trying to employ more as the quality of service just does not match the speed of somebody answering a call unfortunately.

It's a turn off when the person answering the phone can't relate to the parts your looking for easily, but it all takes time and patience and why we don't employ unknowledgeable order takers!

That's one reason why we've put so much time into the internet, cause it works for everybody 24/7, just like another specialised skill staffer. We support various internet site clubs as they help each other as well.

Our Inventory is probably one of the largest now outside the U.S.A for the cars we support. Simple statement but fact. We DO have parts, a lot of them, and HUGE constant inflows. Over 9000 parts IN STOCK

We give you good parts, with a local warranty,
not an ebay 5 minute warranty, local support & fast delivery.