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   New to this site for US GM car parts...?. .its pretty easy....scroll down on the LHS...till you  find  the model & year range needed.. then click on it.  Then click on the sub catagories it will drop down..... then whatever your interested more in .. click on them, if you want on "ADD to CART"  and either Checkout. .or go back for more..pretty simple and secure. First time buyers.. click on "My Account".. just above to the right and Click on New Customer..follow the leads from there. Its secure and simple .

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Your local countries, States our counties tax levy are additional to price shown.. we don't know where your from.. we are not tracking you.  For Australian Orders only - GST is additional to the listed shown - its the base price. If ordering from countries other then Australia your tax's & Duties & entry cost are unknown to us & not included.

Free delivery on most orders over A$150 is for Australian deliveries only.   

Our Phone # is 02 4257 1230 (2 lines in rotation)

Our FAX # is 02 4257 8042      

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Super Chip .. 1984 5ltr Carby (H)
This is an American Hypertec Street Runner Performance Chip for the 1984 (H) 305
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