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CLICK & COLLECT ONLY - per gov lockdown rules.  

Monday Oct 11th...2021:   Our phones will be off for some weeks yet, if your wanting to talk lots.. start with an email please to [email protected] and if needed leave a number.    Due to a accident that occured on Sunday 12th, (Dave) the owner & 99% call taker had a of chunk of timber ram into his guts at high speed off a bench saw.  Resulted in a major 5 hrs ICU emergency op, internals  stitched up and a week in hospital but alive & needs time to  heal while still gradually getting back to more activity. There are no prizes for stuffing this up. We have a few dedicated staff who have never stopped getting parts out.  Currently we're still bringing in 2-3 tons of aircargo per month.. adding to around 9,500 different parts instock & special orders.  Emails make up 90% of national contact these days & machine BS like many banks and so on. Emails around 7am/ 10pm EST.,  Thank you to those with patience at times needed.. hope to continue to assistant reliably and more important honestly. 

While parts of Australia  & in our state NSW... are still on lockdown  we're are still able to operate the distribution warehouse & supply nation wide daily. NO WALK INS.. Order & Collect either via email or online if wanting to attend in person. 

OUR serving priority is 1st. get the web ordered parts out without delays.  Less time currently able to be on the phone in what is realistically a help/tech/quote line# 1 is web placed orders.  

EMAIL till 10pm EST still going on if you need help etc.  smiley   -  Dave

  This website has changed a bit mid 2021... better for clear view and mobile phones and tablets too....its  improvded the site a fair bit.  We're still a privately owned family business for over 3 decades... .. still mainly old school... humans not robots.  Thank you.

   Best Email is [email protected]   7am -10pm. 

 Phone a human.. is 02 42571230 for orders 9- 2pm at the latest (phones temp off)   


Holden Pagewood