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 Email... use only... [email protected] 

 8am -10pm E.S.T.

    Phones on for essential calls ..10am - 2pm M-F - 02-42571230 - (same for 31 years now.. be patient plse or ask for a call back).  ALL WEB PLACED ORDERS ARE OUR PRIORITY. If needing tech or general help questions use email 7 days a week now about 14 hrs a day... bit less on weekends....... Thank you - Dave

Sunday 22 May, 2022...Hi... everybody we have adjusted most prices UP.. 5% today.. to help cover some of the 20%-30% increases in product cost in the USA.. dropping A$ and 200% increase in the last 2 years in Freight. Works out about $6.50c on a $130 item. Keeping the free delivery at $150 for most none bulky/oversize parts still as we have for about 18 years now. Just being up front.


smiley We are proud to further expand the USA Made priority where possible... parts particularly from METRO Rubber, Repops body gaskets & seals, Energy Suspension, USA made interior trim.... We don't always look for the cheapest... but the quality parts are worth it time and time again.

OUR priority is 1st to get the web ordered parts out without delays. 


   Warehouse hours  open as normal. 9-4pm m-F.  Emails till about 10pm most nights , a bit less on the weekends.  Phones  again for  10.00am - 2pm now or less / more depending on the call volumne and type. 

OUR priority is 1st to get the web ordered parts out without delays.  

              Footnote back on Sept 12, Dave the owner & majority talker on the phones everyday had a extremely serious accident with a bench saw that massively effected stomach, spleen, kidney & other internal organs, 5 hrs in surgury, 2 dozen internal stitches & over 5 dozen externally...but lived thru it.  It likely to be 12 months getting back on steady feet etc... so not as active as previous yet.   BUT if you need help ..get help via [email protected] and if needed leave a number.    Emailers can be helped far more from around 8am/ 10pm EST... particularly at night, but a bit less on weekends.  

 EMAIL till 10pm EST still going on if you need help etc.  smiley   

  We're still a privately owned family business for over 3 decades & still mainly old school... humans not robots.  Thank you.

   Best Email is [email protected]    8am -10pm EST

 Phone a human..(remember them...??)   02 42571230 for orders 10- 2pm M-F at the latest subject to overwhelming demand etc.