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Technical Links

Listed below at are various Tech-Help links from around the internet. We hope they help you out. We are not affiliated with any of these businesses or clubs and provide these to help you with your needs.



Web Sites for Technical and Clubs/Associations



American Muscle Car Club of Australia:
Camaro Firebird Owners Club of Aust Inc:
Chevrolet Car Club of NSW Inc:

General 67-9 F Muscle Car group:




Paint Code for SILVER Honeycomb rims from Australian available PPG suppliers:


Tints.                        Weights

770                             858.4

759                             896.8

753                             920.8

740                             939.5

980                             948.1

977                             954.3

Please note these weights are to make up 1 litre of paint and are PPG tint codes.

Under coats used are standard undercoats with flex agent added and clear coat used are matt finish also with flex agent added.


PONTIAC Historical Services:


The original source of historic information for Pontiac owners, restorers, collectors, enthusiasts and car buffs, who are looking for specific information on their Pontiac - Its a private organisation run by Jim Mattison.. well know expert on Pontiacs & guest speaker at the Australian Pontiac Nationals in 2004 also..  The cost is around US$40 - an invaluable service that is not matched by Chev.  Well Worth It!


General Motors Media Archives:


The General Motors Media Archives (GMMA) now provides the service of making car invoices available for owners of 1987 and newer model GM cars. This documentation service is no longer handled through Pontiac Historic Services (PHS).

The GMMA may be reached at either 1) email:, or 2) by phone: (734) 421-0273, ext. 107. The fee for this service is $50 per invoice. Please be advised that ALL you will get with this service is a copy of the original dealer car invoice.

Once you have this invoice, PHS can still make you a replacement window sticker, go to for info on the ordering procedure for that.




Carby Spec's and Help, including $7 PDF's of carby tech manuals



Special Help on nearly everything: 





Seat Belts needs for Australian / New Zealand Compliance requirements: 


Australian compliant seatbelts straight from the Manufacturer:


Hemco - located in Ballarat, Victoria.

Wayne Fitzgerald is the guy to call, he's the Sales Manager. They're retractable and lapbelts. 


03-5334 1213  E:    118 Learmonth Street, Ballarat Vic 3350




Camaro 67-02 & the next 5th gen


 Tech help. Specialized chat line & forum etc.

1982-92 Firebird Camaro Specific:

Production Numbers:



TROUBLE CODES ON 92-97 Camaro & Firebird TA






PAINT: Colours and codes from the 1920's & up.
Performance Suspension products: Energy Suspension 
Pontiac 60's & 70's Engine Block Codes:






Make sure the firing order is ANTI CLOCKWISE, on the 55-79 PONTIAC V8 Block...(not chev..) .

Look at this web site for an easy comprehensive guide to the firing etc.. and here:

403 Olds V8 as found in 77-79 Firebird Trans Ams... see this interesting link:




Various bits of ENGINE & Specific Model Topics help:


Firebird-Trans Am 1982-1992  RPO (Regular Production Option) Codes : this the the small code numbers found on the decal/sticker in the console compartment or on the inside of the  LHR tool compartment door.  Tells you what the cars originally came out with.. all its production inclusions.

85-92: Tuned Port Injection: Changing from MAF to MAP sensing:
82-92: Sensor Locations:
85-92: EFI :
82-92: GM ECM's:





84-96 era Vehicle Anti Theft  (VAT) keys.. the ignition key with the black chip in the side. to Read the Chip the reader at 20,000 ohm and touch each side of the CHIP (not the key).
How to By-pass the 86+ key VATS system:

1: 386 ohms to 439 ohms
2: 502 ohms to 564 ohms
3: 654 ohms to 728 ohms
4: 852 ohms to 942 ohms
5: 1058 ohms to 1195 ohms
6: 1411 ohms to 1549 ohms
7: 1795 ohms to 1965 ohms
8: 2275 ohms to 2485 ohms
9: 2890 ohms to 3150 ohms
10: 3590 ohms to 3910 ohms
11: 4560 ohms to 4960 ohms
12: 5798 ohms to 6302 ohms
13: 7200 ohms to 7820 ohms
14: 9149 ohms to 9931 ohms
15: 11328 ohms to 12192 ohms




Pontiac 60's & 70's Engine Block Codes:
and here:
CHEV Block Timing & details:




Removing windscreens: a pictorial guide.




Firebird Camaro 1993-2002

Tech Links and diagrams
For help with the operation of the Opti-spark distributor assembly and how it works:
CAMARO's 1967-2002  & 5th Gen's   

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